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Petroleum Engineering for the Curious High School & College Students: Why Study Petroleum Engineering? (The Undecided Student's Guide to Choosing the Perfect University Major & Career)

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Books Descriptions

Are you considering Petroleum Engineering as your major or career? It takes three minutes to read this book description. This will be the best three minutes you will spend reading anything today.

It’s because... the information supplied in this peer-reviewed book is extremely powerful. This book, co-authored by over 20 top professors, gives you the ability and confidence to make an informed major/career choice.

  • So, you don’t know what you can do with a major in Petroleum Engineering? You don’t know why study Petroleum Engineering?
  • You don’t know what the research issues and scholarship opportunities are in Petroleum Engineering?
  • You are confused about the career options in Petroleum Engineering?

Don’t worry. We know choosing a career path is a major decision, but that’s why we have co-authored this book to help you.

Who’ve Written This Book?

This book has been co-authored by over 12 top professors in Petroleum Engineering including from:

  • University of Houston
  • Imperial College London
  • Johns Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley and so on.

Save Your Time and Your Parents’ Money in Extra Tuition

How open-minded are you about receiving expert career advice from the top Petroleum Engineering professors? Remember - for your career success, it doesn't matter what you study, it matters WHY you study.

Make no mistake; this book is NOT about boring theories. We have introduced this book to change your superficial perceptions about Petroleum Engineering.

Why spend semesters after semester figuring it out when this detailed and helpful book can streamline the process for you in just a couple of hours? Save your time and your parents’ money in extra tuition.

Who Says Petroleum Engineering Is Not for You?

It’s now time to hear what the top experts in Petroleum Engineering have to say and make an informed decision yourself.

All you need to do is give this book a try, and see it yourself if Petroleum Engineering is really for you.

We are sure your own perspectives about Petroleum Engineering will significantly change once you read our expert and honest advice.

We Promise You Won’t Be Disappointed

There are two types of students in this world: those who listen to all those dream-stealers and make a career decision based on impulse and emotions (and regret later), and those who are prepared to do their own research (and make an informed career decision).

The good news is we have done this research for you. So what is the harm in reading our expert advice & insights and confidently choose Petroleum Engineering as your major/career path?

If you decide to give this book a try, then we promise you won’t be disappointed. We repeat – this is the only career guide in Petroleum Engineering you will ever need.

You Need Help To Make the Right Decision

Take this book as an investment in your career. You need help to make the right decision with complete confidence about your major/career which will impact the next 40 years of your life.

Take charge of your career in Petroleum Engineering with just 1-Click at the top of this page.

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